Who Was The Most Over Exposed Celebrity of 2012
Reality TV is at an all-time high to the point of being nauseating and some of the people from these shows... don't you just want to choke 'em? It always cracks me up when someone like Kim Kardashian starts tweeting about some very tense political situation like she did when things really heated up …
Blake And Miranda Find It Harder And Harder To Blend In
Anytime you have two celebrities dating — or married,  it’s only a matter of time before that couple realizes they have very little privacy. While Miranda Lambert and  Blake Shelton have been well known for a couple of years now, Miranda admits that her…
Awkward Celebrity Encounters
Have you ever met a star? Maybe you took a picture with said star and it looked like something out of Vogue. More than likely, it looked more like something from the National Enquirer or just plain awkward like my picture taken on Beale St. in Memphis with David Nail.