The 2012 election is just days away and on Monday night, we saw the last of the three presidential debates between President Obama and Republican nominee, Mitt Romney. As usual, everybody has an opinion and some of those opinions are getting pretty heated. We don't all have to agree you know...that's what makes this country great. Why are we so afraid of each others differences? Regardless of what you believe and what you want to see happen in this country moving forward, simply vote for the person you believe best reflects your really is that simple.

My sons the other night, each rendered their opinions about who should be president and why, which really fascinated me. Their answers were so simple and straightforward that it got me wondering to what extent we, the voters in this country, are over-thinking this election and politics in general?

I found a video featuring a bunch of kids, in different age groups giving their opinions about the election and the candidates. Their answers are fascinating if nothing else and I think we fail to give our kids the recognition they deserve for for being much more in touch than we realize.

The below video is well worth the time to watch and if if you're still on the fence about who to vote for, ask your kids...they can simplify it for you.