It's time for another installment from my series of blogs featuring songs of the past from artists you may know well, or might have forgotten.  Some of these songs may have long disappeared from radio, but I'm bringing them back. Today's artist has a great country music pedigree and is a Grand Ole Opry member with a sweet voice.  Here are 5 possibly forgotten tunes from Pam Tillis.

1. Spilled Perfume

In the mid 90's, Pam Tillis had the voice of an angel, and she could break your heart with a song.  This is one of those songs.

2. The River And The Highway

This certainly isn't one of the most well-known Pam Tillis songs, but it sure paints a beautiful picture.  It reminds me of something straight out of Disney's Pocahontas, but what a pretty delivery.

3. In Between Dances

I really had forgotten about this song myself, until I heard Pam sing this song a couple of months ago at the Grand Ole Opry.  It immediately came back to me and I remembered loving it back then.

4. Let That Pony Run

I wasn't really listening to country music when this song was released, but occasionally I would here a station play it, but it has pretty much been gone from radio for over 25 years.  That's why it's so good to listen to it now...see for yourself.

5. Cleopatra The Queen Of Denial

Definitely a memorable song in Pam's career, but a very gimmicky concept.  I understand why it didn't stay on radio very long.  Watch this video and laugh, but I bet you'll be singing along by the end.