It's time for another installment from my series of blogs featuring songs of the past from well-known artists.  The artists may be well-known, but the some of the songs may have long disappeared.  In this case, we don't really hear much from either, as we look at the Forgotten Five of Blackhawk!

1. I Sure Can Smell The Rain

The trio broke onto the country scene in the mid 90's with loads of success on their self-titled, debut album.  While songs like 'Goodbye Says It All' and 'Every Once In A While' are two of the most recognized songs of that album, this one was always one of my favorites.

2. That's Just About Right

In this song, Blackhawk did a great job of painting the picture of a guy who likes to...well paint pictures.  It was a vivid mastery of songwriting and a great metaphor for life.  It's one of their bigger hits, but one you're not likely to hear on the radio on a regular basis.

3. Postmarked Birmingham

These former rockers had a way of mixing driving guitar into their folksy country, but when they released 'Postmarked Birmingham' they showed that these guys could deliver a stinging country ballad like no other.  I believe this song should still be on the radio today.  Just listen and feel the hurt!

4. There You Have It

As time went on, the band's lyrics started to mean less and less, but it is undeniable that they were catchy.  There you have it may have been a short lived hit, but it's darn difficult to get it out of your head.

5. I Need You All The Time

I'm pretty sure this was the last single released before band member, Van Stephenson's death.  It didn't do well, but it kind of fits the mold of 'There You Have It', in that it has more tune than substance.  Either way, I still pull it up and jam to it from time to time, and I miss the unique sound of this band.