Today begins a new series of blogs featuring songs of the past from well-known artists.  The artists may be well-known, but the some of the songs may have long disappeared.  I present to you the Forgotten Five of Tracy Byrd!

1. Walkin' To Jeruselum

In this 'Totally 90's' video, Tracy stars alongside an armadillo.  The tune fit perfectly into the 90's country landscape, but the lyrics are a little cheesy for today's crowd.  It does make for quite the throwback, and hey, it uses the word 'highfalutin' so it can't be all bad.

2. Love Lessons

Oh those sexy steel guitar riffs!  Man, this love song from 1995 will make you miss REAL country music.  A smoky honkytonk dance floor would clear of the line-dancers for a buckle-shining slow dance for this one!

3. Lifestyles of the Not So Rich and Famous

Robin Leach showed us 'Cribs' of the stars before anybody else, and brought us 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.'  In this ode to the redneck side of life, Tracy Byrd was the first to tell us the feast of choice for the blue collar crowd was 'an RC Cola and a Moonpie!'

4. Big Love

I remember when the guitar intro to this song was pretty rockin' for country music.  My, how things have changed.  This song was always one of my favorites from Byrd.  It kind of goes along the same lines as Randy Travis' 'Deeper Than The Holler.'  It's hard for country boys to find the words to describe their feelings, so 'Big Love' oughta do it.

5. A Good Way To Get On My Bad Side

As the hits were coming few and far between for two of the 90's biggest stars, they teamed up for what should have been a huge hit.  Tracy Byrd and Mark Chesnutt gave us this duet to share their feelings, and the content is still pretty relevant for most good ol' boys today.  Don't mess with our women, our guns, or our country music, or we're gonna get fired up.