It's time for another installment from my series of blogs featuring songs of the past from well-known artists.  The artists may be well-known, but the some of the songs may have long disappeared. Today's band has gone through many lead singers and incarnations, and is still active today.  That band is Little Texas.

1. Some Guys Have All The Love

The original version of Little Texas debuted in 1991 with this single.  Showcasing their skills...and hair were Duane Propes, Dwayne O'Brien, Porter Howell, Del Gray, and Brady Seals, with Tim Rushlow on lead.  The sound of this one definitely bridges the gap from the country sound of the 80's to the sound of the 90's.

2. First Time For Everything

They were hoping that this song would be the first time for the band to hit number one, but it still didn't happen.  It did, however, keep the train moving with another top 20 hit!  It still didn't have the impact to stay around like some of the hits off of their second album "Big Time," but to this day, it's a catchy tune.

3. You And Forever And Me

With their first ballad, we got a good taste of what would be a very successful sound for them in another year or two with songs like "What Might've Been" or "My Love."  This song could've easily been as big a hit as those tunes, but a number five is nothing to laugh at.

4. Amy's Back In Austin

After the huge success of "Big Time," they boys came out with "Kick A Little."  This was one of my favorite songs ever from Little Texas, but it went away pretty quick.  It's a song about looking for a long lost love, and it was about this time Little Texas was thinking about a long lost member as Brady Seals pursued a solo career.

5. Life Goes On

The first original single off their Greatest Hits album, and one of the last times you'd really hear these guys on the radio.  It was an awesome, upbeat single that should've been bigger, but with new member, Jeff Huskins joining the band, and lead singer, Tim Rushlow getting ready to go solo himself, things started to slow down.