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I Love Country Boys – Leslie Unleashed
I have told you all, on the air, that I grew up in the country. Our house was smack dab in the middle of corn fields, bean fields and cow pastures. My family even had a horse, several cows, a goose and several stray dogs and cats. Most of my friends were boys - country boys. I guess that's why …
Sandy Hook School Shooting – Where Do We Go From Here?
As I woke this morning, sat in my kitchen and drank my coffee, I felt a sense of sadness that I could not shake. Like most of you my, sadness was mixed with panic. I DID NOT want to send my kids to school today. After what happened in Connecticut on Friday, I was afraid to let them out of my sight .
Security Guard At Ellis Park Is My Hero
An ENORMOUS thank you to the security guard who helped me at Ellis Park this morning named Melvin. I was in my car, driving to work, when this mornings tornado was coming through Henderson and Eville. I pulled up to the gate and he helped me into the safe room for shelter from the storm...
Leslie Morgan: Two Truths And A Lie
So, I guess it's my turn to try and stump you! lol What these radio people don't understand is that this is a theatre game from WAY back. Therefore, I am a PRO!!!
Ok.....here it goes! How well do you think you know me??? Well, it shouldn't be too hard since I wear my personality and li…

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