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I Love Country Boys – Leslie Unleashed
I have told you all, on the air, that I grew up in the country. Our house was smack dab in the middle of corn fields, bean fields and cow pastures. My family even had a horse, several cows, a goose and several stray dogs and cats. Most of my friends were boys - country boys. I guess that's why …
Sandy Hook School Shooting – Where Do We Go From Here?
As I woke this morning, sat in my kitchen and drank my coffee, I felt a sense of sadness that I could not shake. Like most of you my, sadness was mixed with panic. I DID NOT want to send my kids to school today. After what happened in Connecticut on Friday, I was afraid to let them out of my sight .
WKDQ Happy Halloween Rap
It's Halloween! WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!! Or should I say, BWAHHHHHHHHH!!! Are you scared? If not, you will be after you watch our Halloween rap greeting!
Security Guard At Ellis Park Is My Hero
An ENORMOUS thank you to the security guard who helped me at Ellis Park this morning named Melvin. I was in my car, driving to work, when this mornings tornado was coming through Henderson and Eville. I pulled up to the gate and he helped me into the safe room for shelter from the storm...
Leslie Morgan: Two Truths And A Lie
So, I guess it's my turn to try and stump you! lol What these radio people don't understand is that this is a theatre game from WAY back. Therefore, I am a PRO!!!
Ok.....here it goes! How well do you think you know me??? Well, it shouldn't be too hard since I wear my personality and li…

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