I have told you all, on the air, that I grew up in the country. Our house was smack dab in the middle of corn fields, bean fields and cow pastures. My family even had a horse, several cows, a goose and several stray dogs and cats. Most of my friends were boys - country boys. I guess that's why I LOVE country boys - especially the way they talk.

The first time I was married, it wasn't to a country boy - he was anything but. Now, that is NOT the reason we got a divorce. THAT, my friends, is a whole other blog. ;-)

I really like it when I hear a southern/country accent. Not to mention the way they carry themselves.


MMMMM, MMMMMM, MM!!!!!!! I suddenly feel like I need a good hog tiein!! ;-)

I am now married to a born and raised Kentucky, country boy. And when he speaks with his southern accent and says things like, "That don't make a bit a sense," and "I can go futha," I am puddy in his hands. It also doesn't hurt that his butt and shoulders look like THIS when he says sexy, charming, southern things.

That's why I LOVE to walk behind him! I can hear him talk AND look at his assets!