Just like Blake Shelton has a bromance with both Adam Levine and Usher, on 'The Voice,'  Jon also has a bromance going with a Jake Gylenhaal look alike in South Carolina. He has never talked to him, just admires him from afar. Isn't that just like Jon?? lol

So, I'm sitting there in my chair at work the other day and suddenly I hear Jon singing Taylor Swift's 'Begin Again.' It was so heartfelt and sweet that it gave me an idea!! Not a GOOD idea, but an idea!! ;-)

I should make a movie about Jon's bromance with this guy...we will call 'Jake', cause he looks like Jake Gylenhaal. So, because I didn't have 'Jake's' number since Jon hasn't gotten it yet. I tried and tried to contact Jake G himself, to be in my movie about Jon's bromance, but he never got back to me. Isn't that just like a BIG Hollywood actor!! ;-) So, Eric was kind enough to play the role of 'Jake.' I wanted to film on location, in that little bar Jon talks about all the time, but I had NO budget for that, so I had to use our offices for my story line.

Ok, so,here is Jon with 'Jake', played by Eric, in a bar in South Carolina, played by our offices! Got it?? Me either!

This is what happens when you drink too much coffee in the morning, get way TOO creative and use your incredible charm to get your friends to trust you to film them. TOO funny and awkward. HAHAHA! Just the way I wanted it!

Here is the latest installment of 'WKDQ - Off Mic.' I call it, 'Jon's Favorite Employee.'