A new coloring book is causing quite a stir and has a lot of people questioning the motive behind the book. The coloring book is called 'We shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids' Book Of Freedom' is being criticized by those who fear the images from that day are too intense for children and some Muslims say it promotes stereotypes. Wayne bell is the publisher of the book and says it is a tribute and it is meant only as an educational piece for children to help them better understand the events of 9/11. A representative for the Council on American Islamic Relations  says that jihadists are referred to as 'freedom-hating radical Islamic Muslim extremists'. In fact she says, the words 'extremist' and 'terrorist' accompany all mentions of Muslims in the book. A coloring book for children about something so devestating is probably crossing a big line, but the publisher is standing by his work. What do you think.