Thanksgiving is one week from today and there a number of people who deep fry their bird every year and there are some who will be deep frying their turkey for the first time this year. We all know actor William Shatner, but did you know he is a lover of deep fried turkey? Shatner has teamed up with State Farm Insurance and they have released a video about the dangers of deep frying your turkey just in time for Thanksgiving. Shatner is very funny in the clip, but the message is all about safety and what could happen if things are not done correctly. American fire departments handle more than 1,000 fires every year that are a direct result of deep fried turkeys.

 Some of the safety tips include making sure your bird is properly thawed, do not over-fill the pot with oil, shut off the fuel source when adding the turkey to the oil and most important, NEVER deep fry your turkey indoors!! Enjoy the below video which is funny, but the dangers are very real as Mr. Shatner will explain.