Daylight saving time will officially end at 2 a.m. this Sunday, November 2nd. Make sure you set your clock BACK an hour before going to bed Saturday night. By the way, for the record, so many people say daylight savings time which is incorrect; it is daylight saving time; singular... doesn't that drive you crazy?There is some good news with this, however.  Even though the days will be a little shorter, the end of daylight saving time is actually good for your health. Basically, our bodies adjust better to the end of daylight saving better than the beginning because it's always easier to absorb an extra hour of sleep as opposed to losing an hour.

Till Roenneberg, a chronobiology researcher at Ludwig Maximilans University in Munich, Germany, says that humans get better sleep and enjoy greater health benefits when daylight saving is turned off.

Roenneberg says, "the circadian clock does not change to the social change."  Roenneberg explains, "During the winter, there is a beautiful tracking of dawn in human sleep behavior, which is completely and immediately interrupted when daylight saving time is introduced in March." Hmmm, who knew??