Think of it like Poo-Pourri for your undies. There's a company called Shreddies that made underwear with a built-in filter and are now they making a banana shape filter for your own underwear. Introducing the carbon lined, banana shaped filter called the Carbonana. Neat.

Most of the people I know who pass gas, among my family and friends, do it on purpose and to get a reaction. They are disgusting. I personally have been in situations where this would have come in handy and then I wouldn't have to blame someone else. (Although, I HAVE become very good at that.) But, it will reinforce the fact that I fast glitter. LOL

Now, keep in mind that this filter does not filter sound, only smell. So, it you cut a loud one, you will just be known as the person who flatulence doesn't stink.

Order your Shreddies underwear and filters HERE.


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