When news broke late Thursday morning the Philadelphia Eagles and the Indianapolis Colts had come to an agreement that would send quarterback Carson Wentz from Philly to Indy, the response from Colts fans was mixed. Some were excited about the potential of Wentz reuniting with Frank Reich who was his offensive coordinator during his first two years in the league, which to date have been his most productive. Others expressed concern over Wentz's injury history, and his dramatic dip in production over the past three seasons. I've put myself in the "cautiously optimistic" camp, hoping that Reich can work his magic and get Wentz back to his original form. What tends to get lost in news like this is how fans of the team a player is leaving feel about the move. For one young Eagles fan, the Wentz trade hit him pretty hard.

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13-year-old Giovanni Hamilton, who was born with a condition called Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, which is described as a combination of muscular dystrophy and dwarfism, loves Carson Wentz. The two formed a special bond during a meeting at Eagles training camp in 2019 which solidified Wentz's place as Giovanni's favorite player. When the news of the trade broke, Giovanni was at the hospital having a procedure done on his arm, so he had to wait until he got home to share his thoughts on the move. The video is heartbreakingly adorable.

Don't worry, Giovanni, your guy is in good hands. And while I don't expect you to abandon your Eagles, there's always room for a new member of the Colts fan club. I bet you'd look pretty good in a blue jersey with Wentz's name and number on the back.

[Source: Giovanni the Philly Sports Podcaster on Twitter]

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