The other night, my friend was going to take a shower before bed. What he found in the bathroom is nothing short of hilarious! 

After a long day of work, my friend DJ went to take a shower before he went to bed. His kids were fast asleep for a few hours...or so he thought.

He walked into the bathroom only to find this:

His six-year-old daughter got up to use the bathroom and apparently, she was still half asleep. Somehow she left a toilet paper trail from the bathroom to her bed. The toilet paper was tucked inside of her pajamas!

Here's the funny thing: DJ couldn't figure out how she had the toilet paper tucked into her pajamas, so when he asked her the next morning, she had no memory of it whatsoever!

Have  you or your kids done anything funny like this? Do you have it on camera? We would love to see it!

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