Joe Nichols just released a cover of a song that I never thought would go country..."Baby Got Back" is now a country song and it is Sir Mix A Lot approved! In case you don't remember this classic Hip Hop hit, here it is...

There have been a lot of country artists in the past who have covered songs from the pop world. Some were successful, some not so much. I'm sure that you have heard a song that wasn't country before and thought that this could be a country song. I have. However, I never put "Baby Got Back" and "country music" together.

Joe Nichols did, and we thank him for that! He recently released a music video for his version of the iconic song that you will get a kick out of. Sir Mix A Lot even makes an appearance in it!

Now if you want to hear the album version with some pretty fun dialogue at the beginning, you're going to want to check out this video.

You can find "Baby Got Back" and more new music from Joe Nichols on his latest album Never Gets Old which is available now!

The question still remains? What do you think of his version of this song?




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