This hiking trail is so amazing you won't believe it is in Illinois.

Illinois Has A Confidence Problem

For many years, Illinois has gone through some very difficult times. I think that has made a huge impact on the citizens. Most of the people that live here do not have a lot of confidence in our state.


Illinois gets a bad reputation but there are a lot of really good people, places, and things here too. We can all be proud of them. In fact, some are so cool you would not even think they were actually in Illinois.

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Top-Ranked Hiking Trail In Illinois Is Amazing

The Little Grand Canyon Trail in Shawnee Forest is so amazing, that you will not believe it is in Illinois. This area is the highest rated in the state.

According to, 

"Tucked away along southern Illinois’ scenic Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, the Little Grand Canyon trail offers a 365-foot climb from the canyon floor and a panoramic view of the Big Muddy River and the Mississippi floodplain."

"Sunsets over the wooded landscape make for an excellent photo opportunity."

"The stunning views rarely found in Illinois make the trip to Little Grand Canyon well worth a visit."

Details About Little Grand Canyon Trail In Shawnee Forest

  • Open year-round.
  • The trail is a three-mile loop.
  • Hiking the trail is not difficult but it is also not easy.
  • Includes rock formations and waterfalls.
  • Bluffs can be as tall as three hundred feet.
  • Open 6 am to 10 pm each day.
  • Located in Pomona, Illinois.
  • For more info, HERE.

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