Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have spent A LOT more hours on our computers, tablets and phones more than we have been out doing things. When most things we enjoyed doing were either shut down or cancelled we had to have something to entertain us.

Not only have we been watching TV like crazy, we have been trying to better ourselves by working out at home, spending more time on our hobbies, focusing more on our families and even expanding our minds. In fact, we have been Googling some things we have always wondered about. And, some of those things are really embarrassing. has put together a list of THE most embarrassing things we are Googling, state by state. I’ve got to say Tristate, we might use be the most embarrassing of all.

Indiana - How is a baby made?


Kentucky - How to become a vampire.

Illinois - What do we breathe out?

Here are 6 of the other embarrassing states, so we don’t feel so bad.

Iowa - How to get fired

Michigan - What am I good at?

Nebraska - Smelly feet

New Mexico - Justin Bieber nudes

Ohio - Does my cat love me?

Vermont - Where is Canada?

If you want to see how embarrassed the other states should be, click HERE.


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