The annual tradition of trick or treating at Scales Lake Park in Boonville, Indiana, will continue in 2023.

Growing up in Boonville, one of my favorite things to do in the summer was to visit Scales Lake Park. We would go camping there all of the time. Whether it was camping in a tent or camper or even staying in one of their cabins, we did it all. Not to mention all of the other things that Scales Lake had to offer such as, riding our bikes around on the trails, playing at the playgrounds, and visiting the petting zoo. But my favorite part about going there was the lake itself. You can swim at the beach, rent a boat, go kayaking, and fishing.

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Even though summer is over, and it's too cold to do some of those things at Scales Lake, fall is also a great time to visit the park. You can still visit the petting zoo, play at the playground, fish, and of course camp. All with a beautiful view of the leaves changing colors throughout the campground.  The park also offers something really cool for folks in the area around Halloween.

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Each year, Scales Lake hosts Trick or Treating in the Park. This is an event that I used to take part in growing up. I'm sure that my kids will want to be a part of it this year. Folks will take their kids trick-or-treating around the campground. Not only that, but some of the campers get pretty creative with their Halloween decorations. Sometimes they even set up their own "haunted houses" at their campsites. It's really a cool event that everyone enjoys, plus it is just one more opportunity for the kiddos to put on their Halloween costumes and get their hands on some candy.

Trick or Treating in the Park Event Info

This year's Trick or Treating in the Park will be held on October 21st and October 28th. On both dates, kiddos will be able to walk around the park to trick or treat from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m. There is a $3 gate fee per car that applies. In the event that it looks like there might be some nasty weather coming up on those dates, be sure to check out Scales Lake's Facebook page for updates/changes.

This is a unique and fun way for the kids to get extra use out of the Halloween costumes you spent your hard-earned money on. Plus it gives you the opportunity to eat more of their Halloween candy!

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