Believe it or not, even though I work in radio, I don't always turn on the radio when I want to listen to music. See, I listen to the radio different than you do. I pay more attention to what plays between songs than I do the songs themselves. Maybe there's an idea I can borrow, or a technique I haven't thought of that I can apply to how I do things. But sometimes I just want to listen to music without thinking about anything. I want to enjoy it the way you do, but I'm guessing I go about it a little differently.

I'll assume that when you decide to listen to music through something other than the radio (which is fine, just don't stay away from the radio too long), you open up your streaming music app of choice, find the artist or playlist you want, and off you go. I do something similar, but I don't use my phone, and I don't use an app. I use my iPod Touch.

Why? I'll give you six good reasons why.

6 Reasons I Still Use an iPod for Music

I know the day will come when my iPod plays its final song, the screen fades to black, and its soul drifts off to a mystical land filled with unicorns and Microsoft Zunes. But until then, we're going to keep rocking out, and we're going to like it.

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