When scrolling through Facebook, something popped up that creeped me all out!! A clown motel, and apparently people are so excited to stay there! I'm not sure you could pay me enough money to stay there! 


Clowns...you either love them, or they scare the crap out of you.   I'm personally not a fan of clowns in general, I'm kind of scared of them, but not full on terrified. Maybe it's because I have a phobia of masks (I know, it's weird).  But I'm afraid of people in masks, this includes but is not limited to, haunted houses, mascots at sporting events, and the Easter bunny in the mall. So I think my reasons for not liking clowns include the fact that they're faces just look kind of scary.  It also could be that I'm sorry, but their jokes usually aren't funny, and they  kind of remind me of that annoying uncle everyone has at the family reunion who keeps telling you really bad jokes.

Anyways i digress....

This motel in Nevada is what nightmares are made of. Would you stay there??

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