During WWII, there were people who actually had bomb shelters installed on their property just in case. Selling these shelters was actually big business. The need became pretty much obsolete until the 1960's and 1970's when the "Cold War" and the threat of nuclear war were re-introduced. Over the last few years, 'zombies' have become all the rage and even kind of fashionable in terms of pop culture. There has been movie after movie about zombies and a potential 'zombie apocalypse'. Even talk shows have dealt with the question of "Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse?" Some people really are prepared.

Regardless of what kind of apocalypse we could face: zombie, nuclear, civil unrest or whatever else you can think of, the idea of underground shelters is very appealing to some and gaining in popularity everyday it seems. The shelters of 'today' are pretty posh, very homelike structures where you and your family could live very comfortably 20 feet under your backyard... sound interesting?

The folks at Atlas Survival Shelters have the answer and could make living in a corrugated tube very cool with all the comforts of home including flat screen TVs and internet. These things are unlike anything you could imagine and living in one would be no different than your above ground home - all except for maybe a few windows.

They aren't cheap however, starting at around $50,000 and going up from there depending on how much you want and the options are many. Atlas says they haven't sold one yet, but have had many serious inquiries. Take a video tour below and be ready. Remember, according to the Mayan Calendar, the world could end on December 21st...I'm just sayin'.


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