It's called Mölkky and if you like bags, you'll love this.

I was first introduced to the game Möklky by my friend Tommy when a group of us went to a cabin for a weekend up in Wisconsin.

We were probably going to play some bags while hanging out and having some delicious "camping" beers. Or if we wanted to mix it up someone might have brought Kan Jam. I hate Kan Jam. It's hard to play this game:

When you can't throw a Frisbee.

Also, what ever happened to that bolo ladder game? It was everywhere 10 years ago but I don't think I've seen one this decade.

Anyway, Tommy brought a new game called Mölkky and it was awesome. It's the only backyard game we've played the last 2 years and it looks like it's catching on because it's getting hard to find online.

The game is simple.

You take these twelve numbered posts:

And arrange them in this configuration 15 feet away in some grass. Preferably with about 15 feet of space on all sides of the cluster.


Then you take a fat wooden dowel, about 9 inches long and 3 inches in diameter, and take turns throwing it at the posts trying to knock them down.

Whenever you knock down a post you set it back up wherever it landed. As the game progresses and posts keep getting knocked around and spread out, the target area grows and the posts migrate from each other.

You score points for knocking down posts. If you knock down multiple posts, you score the number of posts knocked down. If you knock down ONLY one post, you score the point value of that post.

You take turns, throwing once per turn. The first person to 50 points EXACTLY wins the game. If you score points to take you over 50, you go back to 25 points.

The one extra wrinkle in the game comes if you don't hit anything on your throw, which happens later in the game when the posts are spread out and you're aiming for a single far away.

An empty throw doesn't cost you anything but if you have 3 consecutive empty throws, you are disqualified from the game.

That makes it really interesting if you've missed twice and now you HAVE to hit something to just stay in the game.

If you're tired of bags, try this Finnish import, you'll be hooked in seconds.

Here's a short video of some people playing it.

The only downside is that a Mölkky set will only last you about 2 summers max because the posts really start to take a beating after a few dozen rounds.

Like I said, it's getting tough to find them online so grab one now before it really takes off as the hot summer game.

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