The 102nd Annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival is here! I feel like I need to remind everyone of the #JackWagon scandal that rocked last year's festival.

And We're Live

As you head down to Franklin Street to take in the sights, smells, and tastes of the Best Fall Festival in America, you will see local television and radio personalities broadcasting live. Yes, I said live. There is no delay button in most of these situations. This can bring out what we call the #JackWagon.

This is now defined as 'Someone who disrupts a live broadcast by distracting the host with a dirty joke or other childish behavior.' Believe me, you do not want that type of fame...It will lead to shame. Someone should put that on a T-shirt.

JACKWAGON Merch from Two Quarters

Hey Jackwagon,

I'll bet your mom is really proud of your TV debut. She probably taught you manners and you ignored her. Let me tell you, if my son ever did something so rude and inconsiderate he would never hear the last of it. In fact, this photo is from a live radio broadcast. He said the word 'Crap', and I lectured him for 10 minutes after he said it. He will still bring up, and that was years ago.

Other media personalities were on alert for copycat Jackwagons.


 Life advice from Jeff Lyons

When Chase was in Kindergarten Jeff Lyons helped him with a big project for his class. Jeff showed him how the weather is forecast, how the green screen works, and about the newscast. If only the jackwagons that think it's funny to yell obscenities or tell dirty jokes to get attention had this sound advice from Jeff Lyons.

Jeff joined the 14 News team in 1988. The Indiana University graduate currently anchors the weathercasts for 14 News at 4, 5, 6, and 10. Jeff earned his National Weather Association seal of approval in 1991 and the American Meteorological Society seal of approval and certification as a meteorologist in 1993. The proud father of three appears at over 40 schools a year and speaks to civic groups about weather casting.

See How the West Side Nut Club Cleans Up After the Fall Festival

Nearly every one of the 300 active Club members jumps into action early Sunday morning to start tearing down and clean up the mess left behind by the thousands of attendees over the course of the six-day event. But, it's far more than just picking up trash.

Gallery Credit: Ryan O'Bryan

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