They say everything has a price. Is loyalty to your favorite football team one of those things? One tech website is looking to find out by offering to pay you cash for ditching your team in favor of its most hated rival., a self-described "professional television provider comparison (and) informative tech 'how-to' website," is looking to pay one person $2,000 for the remainder of the season if they agree to go all-in on their favorite football team's rival. Specifically, they want someone to "post updates to social media, making their season-long betrayal well-known to friends and family alike." The winner will also receive a custom-made jersey to show their new, albeit temporary, loyalty.

For me, this would mean turning my back on the Indianapolis Colts. A team I have been loyal to for many, many years, including the 2-14 season when Peyton Manning was out because of his neck injury, and more recently, the 4-12 season where Andrew Luck was out because of his shoulder injury. Those two seasons were nearly unwatchable, and painful to sit through, yet I did it anyway because I felt if I was going to be there through the good times, I was going to be there through the bad.

Abandoning the Colts would mean turning my loyalty to the New England Patriots. Just typing that sentence made my stomach turn. Yes, Tom Brady is good. Yes, their coach Bill Belichick is possibly one of the best of all time. Both will be in the Hall of Fame the moment they are eligible. And yes, they win — a lot. Since 2001, when Brady took over as quarterback, they've been to the Super Bowl nine times. NINE! Of those nine, they won six. SIX! All in an 18 year span. That's stupid. Many fans will never see their team make it to the game once, much less win it (I'm looking at you, Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions). With that in mind, jumping ship to the Pats would likely mean I'm watching football all they way into February, along with a really good chance I'd be cheering for a championship team. Is that worth it for an extra $2K in my bank account. Absolutely not.

Don't get me wrong, an extra two grand would be great to have, but I'd rather be a test dummy for a car company than wear a Patriots jersey and tell all my friends and family how great I think they are on Facebook. Again, just thinking about it makes me almost throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Does that mean my loyalty isn't for sale? Not necessarily. Like I said at the beginning, as the saying goes, everything has a price. In this case, it's way more than $2,000. Tack about four more zeros on the end of that (making it a cool $20,000,000), then we can talk. I may be loyal, but I'm not stupid.

If $2,000 if enough for you to tell your team to hit the bricks in favor of their rival for a season, jump over to the CableTV website and fill out an online application before October 4th.



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