Tipping culture remains a hot button issue, but one thing is clear: some states are tipping much less than others.

I'm not saying the tipping culture has gotten out of control, but let's just say I'm not tossing money at every service I need. Do I tip at a sit-down restaurant? Yes. Do I tip for a hair cut? Absolutely. However, I can certainly see how some might find trouble tipping their barista, a local Subway worker, or even at a buffet where you're responsible for your own food and drink.

To learn more about the tipping culture across the country, USA Today has collected data from all 50 states to investigate the states with the best and worst tippers. USA Today's findings indicated that the best tippers tend to be located on either the west or east coasts, while those in the middle of the country tend to tip less. However, an exception to this trend is Missouri, which boasts a 22.05% average tip rate. In fact, this state is just behind the most generous state in the bunch, California, which has a 22.69% tipping average.

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When it comes to the worst tippers in the United States, one Midwest state stands out above its counterparts. According to the data from USA Today, the state that tips the lowest is Illinois, with an average tipping rate of just 14.22%. This is just a tad below the standard tipping percentage, which remains between 15% and 20%. Here are the top 10 worst states for tipping in the U.S.

  1. Illinois (14.22%)
  2. Mississippi (14.98%)
  3. South Carolina (15.13%)
  4. New Mexico (15.32%)
  5. Tennessee (15.40%)
  6. Oklahoma (15.51%)
  7. Wisconsin (15.78%)
  8. North Dakota (16.05%)
  9. West Virginia (16.16%)
  10. Utah (16.23%)

Currently, in the United States, the federal minimum wage for tipped workers sits at just $2.13 per hour, although some states require a higher rate. However, it is important to note that USA Today found that there doesn’t appear to be much of a correlation in tipping between states that pay tipped wages and those that don’t. In fact, just four states with the lowest tippers have the federal minimum wage for tipped workers. Those states are: Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina and Utah.

On a personal note, I highly recommend tipping your server if you have the means to do so. I worked in a restaurant while in college and can confirm that those tips go a long way. However, if you're in a situation where you don't feel tipping is necessary, then at least try to be kind and use your manners.

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