I think sometimes the internet forgets that real people live in the places they rank as the worst involving whatever. This is a great example. A new declaration of the worst county in Illinois is a sad example where real people live in poverty and it really should just be given to Kentucky.

I probably should explain that Kentucky comment and I will, but first here's the worst county in Illinois according to 24/7 Wall St. Keep in mind, not my words, but theirs.

Congratulations (*sarcasm*) to Alexander County, Illinois. 

It's hard to get any southern in Illinois without falling into Kentucky than Alexander County.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

Whether Alexander County is really the worst in Illinois is up for everyone to decide for themselves, but poverty is really bad in this rural part of the state. 21.4% there live in poverty according to the numbers shared.

Why should this Illinois county consider being gifted to Kentucky? No offense intended to the great people of Kentucky (who really are very kind, seriously), the poverty rate in Alexander County, Illinois is similar to what you find in many rural parts of Kentucky which averages above 16% poverty. The poverty rate in that part of Illinois is very Kentucky-like.

Here's my biggest problems with these types of rankings. Most are presented in a snarky kind of way assuming that people in that part of Illinois are too dumb to leave. Spoiler alert: most live there because they were born there and don't have great access to opportunities elsewhere. While Alexander County MIGHT be the worst county in Illinois, let's not forget the real people that live there.

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