If you have been working from home during this pandemic and would love a change of scenery, go to Hawaii!

We all know so many people who have been hit hard during this pandemic. Many people have been working remotely from home. I can imagine that spending all of that time cooped up in the house gets old after a while. For me, I worked from home for a few weeks and I found myself easily distracted. I'd much rather work from the office...or Hawaii.

I say Hawaii because it turns out that the state of Hawaii is looking to bring in people who are working remotely to their islands of paradise during this pandemic. Where do you sign up, right?! Get this: not only do they want you to work from Hawaii, but they will also pay for your round-trip plane ticket to do so!

This campaign is called  Movers & Shakas—a reference to the "hang loose" hand gesture. It's designed to help rebuild the state's tourism economy as it has been severely damaged due to the pandemic. The idea is that it will attract people from out of the state to set up their remote offices on the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

You might be a little confused because we are told not to travel nowadays. Well according to Newser, this new initiative focuses on "Hawaii's paradisiacal and safety attributes: among the lowest rates per capita of COVID-19 infections in the country." So that's reassuring.

If there's one downside of working remotely from Hawaii, it would probably be the time difference. You'd be working very, very early in the morning as there's about a five-hour time difference from Central Standard Time. However, that just means that you will be done with work in the early afternoon and can spend the rest of the day chilling on the beach.

Chosen applicants are required to stay for a month and will be responsible for arranging their own accommodations at one of Hawaii’s resorts, hotels, vacation rentals, or homes. You must also pledge to respect Hawaii's culture and natural resources and help out at a local nonprofit. But, the first 50 approved applicants will receive a free, roundtrip ticket to Honolulu. I mean it's Hawaii...might as well give it a try, right? You can apply now through December 15th by filling out the application here.

(H/T- Newser)

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