When times get tough, like 2020, we get creative. Sometimes that unwilling and kinda forced creativity leads to some pretty awesome things. This new red wine is the perfect example of giving us something we need exactly when we need it.

A small Pennsylvania winery might just win 2020 with their latest wine. The Grovedale Winery saw a need and they filled.

As you can see, it was meant as a way for us to get through the 2020 election season, but it offers us a way to cope with so much more that 2020 has handed to us. I love it. Kudos to the Grovedale Winery! Bravo!

If you are wondering what this fine wine is all about, this is what they have on their website.


A fine wine for the times that overdelivers in quality and sarcasm. Believe it or not this dry red wine is really @$!%ing good! It’s made from high quality Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from the state of Washington and aged in 100% American Oak barrels.

Even though the Grovedale Winery is located in Pennsylvania, they ship nationwide. Each bottle will set you back $20, but it's so worth it. Join the Sh!tshow here.


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