Chances are you know comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham in a variety of ways. You know him by his face and his name, but you also likely know him as the voice behind his popular cast of characters that include Peanut, Walter, José Jalapeño, Bubba J., and Achmed the Dead Terrorist. All of which are dummies Dunham uses to deliver his unique brand of comedy. That same brand of unique comedy Dunham and his crew will bring to Evansville when his "Still Not Canceled" Tour stops at the Ford Center on March 21st (2024).

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Tickets for the show are on sale now only through the comedian's website,, and would make a great last-minute Christmas gift for the comedy fan on your list.

However, we have your chance to save a little money by giving you a pair of tickets to the show for free all this week. Consider it our Christmas gift to you.

Listen each weekday at 7:40 AM during the Q Crew Morning Show with me and Melissa for your chance to win. When we give you the cue, be caller number nine at 877-437-5995 and we'll gladly set you up with a pair of tickets.

Here are a couple more clips from Jeff to get you ready to see him live in downtown Evansville.

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