For the 46th year, thousands of classic, restored street rods will rumble into Evansville for the annual Frog Follies at the Vanderburgh County 4-H Fairgrounds Friday, August 27th through Sunday, August 29th (2021).

Like nearly every event last year, E'ville Iron Street Rods had no choice but to cancel the annual event due to the COVID pandemic. Although cases are on the rise again as this year's event is set to occur due to the Delta variant, the event will go on as scheduled. The difference between this year and last is that we now have vaccines that provide protection from severe illness for those who have received it.

The event is expected to draw over 3,000 street rods from across the country, all of which were originally built before and up to 1949 making Frog Follies the largest car show in the country for vehicles of that age range.

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In addition to the vintage cars, trucks, and other vehicles that will be on display, the event will also feature an arts and crafts show, a swap meet featuring over 150 booths selling car parts and accessories for all makes and models, and the always entertaining Celebrity Frog Races where recognizable faces and voices from local TV and radio stations, along with other well-known local figures will compete to see who can get their real, live bullfrog to cross the finish line first.

The three-day event also serves as a fundraiser for our friends at the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center on Bellemeade Avenue in Evansville. The Center will be on-site throughout the weekend selling half-pot tickets and will receive a portion of the proceeds collected from admissions.

Tickets are $5 per person at the gate. Children 12 and under are free.

For more information on this year's event, visit Frog

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