Every year, WKDQ, along with our sister stations My105, 103GBF, KISS106 and WBKR, celebrate all of the work we do online with an awards ceremony. We call the awards, The Digis. It's a relaxed and fun time to get together, acknowledge our accomplishments and give each other some co-worker love.

The awards are mainly funny. They are related to articles that we have written over the past year. Our Digital Managing Editor, Ashley, is awesome and very creative. She not only helps to guide us and encourage us with our writing, but she is always there to tease and laugh with us too.

Sometimes the awards get very serious. Many times, especially during 2020, we share our own personal struggles in our articles. For me, it helps to put my thoughts and feelings, both good and bad, into an article. In fact, I do it a lot. And this year, I was given the equivalent of the Best Picture Award at the Oscars. You know the one that is given at the end of the ceremony? That's the one, only we call it Content Creator of the Year. The award celebrates our work online, on-air and on social media.

For 2020, my managers and peers decided to give the award to me. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed with emotion. You know how easily I cry. After a very tough year of trying to deal with my anxiety and fear, while trying to focus on work and keeping my son safe, it meant everything to me.

After the virtual awards were over, I got this awesome e-card from my boss and Townsquare Media Market President of Evansville-Oweendvoro, LaDonne. And, guess what? I cried again, but this time with laughter. The card made my day even better than it already had been. My boss is the best.

Imagine Willian Shatner, Captain Kirk, singing to me. LOL It was perfect.

See the video HERE.

You can use the above link to send this type of card or another awesome e-cards to you family and friends. Trust me, they will love it.

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