If there is one place to take a magnet and go fishing for crazy items in a pond it is East St. Louis, check out what these magnet fishers find!

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The YouTube video is called Warning Scary Day Magnet Fishing in East St. Louis and it is a video on the Treasure Vixens' channel, they have posted lots of videos of them going out magnet fishing, and their adventures have led them to find everything from guns to knives and everything in between.

This video is about 30 mins long, and around the 17-minute mark is where they find this knife, a knife that clearly had been in the water for a long time, and then again at the 23-minute mark, they find another large knife.

I could get lost for hours on YouTube watching magnet fishing videos, the stuff that people throw off bridges into rivers, ponds, and lakes is wild. It makes you immediately want to start playing detective like the knife they found around 23 minutes into the video, it is a giant kitchen knife, what is that knife doing at the bottom of this pond? You can sit there trying to put all the pieces together it's fascinating. I got to be honest I feel like because this is in East St. Louis I was actually expecting to find more dangerous stuff but then again just like normal fishing there are good days and bad days when you go magnet fishing.

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