Dating..... Its a hard thing. I'm not sure if it's harder or easier than being in a bad marriage. In my case they both equally suck. Earlier this week Dave and Leslie found some of the weirdest dating sites, See that here. That pretty much oped a box of never ending bad jokes, bad stories, and I even clicked on some of those links....... OH MY!!! Ummm..... Not safe for work. There are more adult ones there as well. I have a friend who is in to that stuff. There is also dating horror stories with that life style too. Those Stories make me giggle.

Please if you're on the look out for your next ex, hook up, or hopefully your rest of your life mate, be honest! I generally let people know I'm a big girl. I'm not going to be offended if you don't like my body type. Its not a big deal. I once met a guy who told me he was 6'4"..... He shrunk, I was taller than him and I'm 5'7".

Don't send me a picture of you when you were 18, or of your cousin who sorta looks like you cause you don't have a phone that does pictures. You have an iPhone and it doesn't do pics? This was also my "tall guy" telling me this. DON'T send me a picture of your man parts either. If I was on a site wanting just your manly parts, then fine. I'm not. I had a friend find pics of her ex taking pics of his manly stuff..... She was amazed at the size he was.  PEOPLE PHOTOSHOP ALL THE TIME! I'm guessing women do that with their ladies?? I once heard not to photo shot yourself so much, they wont be able to identify your body. Harsh but True.

Now my friend who is more open with things, told me about a party that she went to that was the adult lifestyle. She knew a couple there, but she threw the age curve. Age is a number, but when you see someone plopping out their teeth to do something, she about gagged cause there was a lot of saliva following. I think that was her first and last party?

I do know; I am employed, two sorta sweet dogs, no kids, honest, my own car.... I can be a total catch. Yes, I'm laughing while I write this. If anyone knows any secrets to this dating thing, please enlighten me!

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