My heart is heavy today after hearing the  news that the search for the missing girl Aleah Beckerle, has turned into a criminal investigation. But a big question a lot are asking, is who owns the property where she was found?

Evansville COurier and Press Facebook
Evansville COurier and Press Facebook

This is certainly not the way we all had hoped this story would end, but I'm thankful that we have such great law enforcement here, that I have no doubt in my mind justice for Aleah will be served.

But who owns the S. Bedford home that Aleah was found in?

A couple days ago reports came out of a body found in a home, the body needed to have an autopsy to determine the identity, and unfortunately the coroner confirmed today that Aleah Beckerle was who was found in that home.

But who owns it??

This video posted by Courier and Press has some interesting info.


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