Christmas shopping, for the most part, is easy because you pretty much know what you are getting everyone on your list, with the possible exception of one person.........DAD.  At least according to a new survey which says dad is everyone's least favorite person to shop for. Why....are fathers so complicated? According to the survey, kids are everyone's favorite to buy for, which is a no-brainer. 14% of married men say they will give something to their wife for the kitchen.  Now, before you get all offended by that, 26% of women say they actually WANT something for the there.

By the way, 31% of women think the men in their lives want tools, but only 21% of men actually do.....want tools.

Gift cards will be king this year according to the survey, which says 54% of us are actually hoping for gift cards, while 45% of  us just want cash....happy shopping!!



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