I like to hear covers of songs. Some people do a great job, and others should find a different day job. I will say normally I tend to like the original, but I have been swayed. There have been a few rap songs that wee turned to a harder rock, sooooo much better than the original. This time we are pulling out a Christmas song that is probably one of the first ones kids learn to sing when they are young, and it sticks with you. No matter how old and grumpy you might be during Christmas.  Now, who does it better with Rudolph the red Nosed Reindeer.

Here you have Burl Ives and his version. This to me is the original.

Next we have Alan Jackson and his version. It sounds like him and didn't do to bad with it.

One that I completely forgot until I started digging around was this gem! It also let me down a path of what other Christmas music John Michael Montgomery did. I was such a fan of his voice when I was a kid.

If you'd like a more mellow version of Rudolph, let this version by the Jackson 5 serinade you to a relaxing place.

Lastly, let add a bit of a rock to the song. A group called Amasic didn't do bad, but I like the video more so. The guy pulling a sled with the other in it made me giggle.



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