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Little know fact, but I am a huge fan of both rock and classical music. Many times you can find me in my car, playing wit guitar of air drums to my favorite rock songs. And, just as many times, you will find me relaxing and listening to songs played on the cello to slow down and bring peace to my swirling mind.

This time of year, well, any time of year really, I love Christmas music. If I can find great songs from great vocalists and incredile musicians, I'm in holiday heaven. When the power of rock music and the beauty of Christmas music come together, it's rare, but it's magic.

Last year my husband showed me a video of his Facebook friend that played the violin at the Owensboro Symphony Christmas concert. I thought, sure, I could use some Kentucky holiday music on the fiddle. I was so wrong. Just because It's Kentucky, doesn't mean it's has to be bluegrass or country. It can ROCK.

OMG, it was no fiddle. It was an amazing rock violin, killing it during a Transiberian Orchestra rendition of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and the incredible musician was Whitesville, Kentucky's own, Lacy Jean. It happened last year, but I just had to post it again this year because it is so good.

Lacy Jean/Facebook

I was blown away as I watched her performance. So, AMAZING. I am a huge fan and we are Facebook friends. She has made many request videos during the pandemic the bring happiness to everyone who watches I have watched them all.

Here she is performing during a Christmas concert last year, with the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra. Get ready for chills.

She also plays killer guitar and sings too. LOVE her! Subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Lacy Jean/Facebook
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