Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Single or not, I would bet you money that there is a country song out there that would describe where your current love life.The website obviously agrees, which is why they created a quiz to match you up with the country song that best describes your love life.

Bride and Groom Dancing Boots

I'm going to use my Music Business background to elaborate what a "love song" could mean for you. There are three different types of love songs out there: celebration of love, longing for love, and lost love. Within those three categories, there are a variety of different messages that could describe your "love song." For example, you could be in the lost love phase. Now that could mean that you did something to cause the love to go wrong, or someone did you wrong. Again, there are a variety of songs out there to fit your situation.

Anyway, back to this quiz. There are six different questions, and each one has several responses to choose from. Super easy. After you're done, you get the country song, and then, they give you an analysis.

I took the quiz myself, and I got "The One That Got Away" by Jake Owen. According to the quiz,

Oh no! Maybe you were too slow, too shy, or just did not have the right opportunity but he or she is gone! Time to move on and remember that there are other fish in the sea.


Not exactly where I am with my love life, but the last part is true! Maybe this quiz will be more accurate for you and your love life. Give it a try below!




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