This should be common knowledge to most, but some people are still confused with meteorologists issue a watch or warning for the area. You have heard those terms here a lot in the Tri-State. There is a major difference between a Severe Thunderstorm Watch and Severe Thunderstorm Warning, likewise when it comes to Tornado Watches and Warnings.

With spring quickly approaching, these are two terms that you are going to want to know. If it is even the slightest bit confusing to your, maybe this infograph below will help you know what's going on the next time one is issued for your area.

So what did we learn today? WATCH means that a threat is POSSIBLE so WATCH out for severe weather/tornadoes. A WARNING means that it is actually happening, so be WARNED that there is a severe thunderstorm/tornado in your area. Hopefully this helps!

Thanks Joe Bird!

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