If someone you know suffers with mental illness, you know that it very difficult and stressful. There are many different ways to deal with mental illness and many ways you can help your loved one get through the trying times. That being said, there are also definite things you should NOT say to those that need your love and understanding.

Here are some things you should avoid saying and why!

  • Just snap out of it! - You can not just snap out of it. It feels like it controls you.
  • You're acting crazy! - Ok, fair enough, but we are all a little crazy. We react differently to things and that's ok.
  • That's not normal. - FYI, there is no normal. We all just try to do the best we can.
  • Stop worrying so much. - Mental illness goes beyond worry. Actual phobias develop from irrational thoughts.
  • You're always so negative. - Yes, negativity engulfs the sufferer. But, it's about learning to talk to yourself with positive tones and affirmations. Focusing on negatives and pointing them out, just makes it worse.
  • Get a hobby. - While, true, that might alleviate the symptoms, please don't act like the sufferer is just sitting around waiting for the next episode. Don't imply that if they were more busy, they would get better.
  • You don't look anxious or depressed. - The sufferer goes to great lengths to hide the way they feel inside. You may never see anything on their face or in their actions. The goal is to appear 'normal' so no one will think they are crazy.
  • Just do it! - It's not that simple. It often takes medication, therapy, counseling, and many years of suffering to end up in a good place.
  • Just STOP feeling that way. - You can't just stop feeling that way. If you could stop, believe me, you would.
  • You just want attention. - Attention is not what you want if you are suffering. Again, you try to hide it from everyone around you because you fear judgement and rude comments like these.

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