Growing up in Wyoming, you didn't have a lot of choices for television. Well, and it was the 80's, so that took out a lot of options out as well. That has made me one of these people who'll put it on something random just to watch it. My favorites are Maury, The Lawrence Welk Show, and some random TV shopping channel. Each of those shows bring me a type of humor. Finding their babies daddies, weird costumes that match the times, and let me see what I need to buy on easy payments of $300. So when I was off work for a few days, I did this as well. I stopped on Sesame Street. I was curious if I could see the new puppet that had been introduced that has autism.Now, keep in mind, I don't have kids. I'm one that doesn't get rattled by weird things, normally those things are coming out of my mouth. So when I saw this was at a loss for words.

I've watched Orange is the New Black, Its a great show. I don't know if its good for a parody. There is A LOT of adult things that happen in that show, and I'm still thinking its not innocent for a parody. I looked further to find their there are other parody's of shows that I wouldn't want a child to watch. Maybe I'm just old fashioned. I liked ones that were silly. Check out 2 of my favorites from Sesame Street.


Another favorite of mine is when Smokey Robbinson was attacked by a cute U.

Like I've said, I am probably old fashioned when it comes to this. I am also hoping I don't get the "Well you are not a parent, so you don't understand".  True, but I'm not an idiot either. You just have to choose for yourself what you think is appropriate.

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