I love perusing the local photography in the Evansville Photography Group on Facebook. Wow, we have some talent around here! One thing that caught my eye was this photo by Steve Geis and its caption.

Can someone tell me the meaning of the locks on the cables at Audubon Mill Park in Henderson?


Hmmm a local mystery! Luckily, there was an answer.

William Crupper posted that, "Couples do it to signify they'll be together forever."

And Rebecca Geis added, "This started in Paris, tourists in love put the lock on the Pont des art bridge and threw the key in the water. The city started removing them in 2015 because it was ruining the bridge."

I called over to the Henderson Tourist Commission and Annie Bentley told me that the locks were in-fact left by couples who wanted to 'secure their love' and as long as the locks were small enough that they didn't compromise the integrity of the cables, they can stay. But, my advice, go old school and seal the deal - just put a ring on it.

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