Each year Wesselman Woods host the Maple Sugarbush Festival complete with a pancake breakfast, this year a few things will be different, but you can still enjoy their delicious maple syrup!

It's one of my favorite events of the year, the Maple Sugarbush Festival. In fact last year I had a couple friends come in town just to experience the Maple Sugarbush Festival, and enjoy a delicious pancake breakfast and stroll through Wesselman Woods.  Unfortunately this year the annual pancake breakfast will not be happening, but you can still enjoy the delicious fresh maple syrup.

This year due to COVID regulations the Maple Sugarbush Festival will take place from March 2nd- March 6th.  You can take a walk through Wesselman Woods on a guided or self guided hike.  The hikes will show you the process of tapping sugar maples, you can also pick you up a bottle of their fresh made maple syrup to enjoy on your pancakes at home.  It will definitely be different without the big pancake breakfast, but I am excited that I'll still get to enjoy some fresh maple syrup.

Here's what the Maple Sugarbush Festival event page says about the festival this year:

Join us for the 43rd Annual Maple Sugarbush Festival!
This year we are highlighting our generous and loving sugar maple trees. Come and see the magical process of tapping the sugar maples. From the first drop of sap to the final boil of maple syrup, we will show you the art of tapping our sugarbush.
There will be guided hikes showing our very own sugarbush. We also have interactive and informative self-guided hikes for visitors. All proceeds will benefit the ongoing work of Wesselman Woods.
**COVID-19 Guidelines: We please ask that masks be worn inside our Nature Center and during guided hikes. We encourage visitors to wear masks as they hike the trails as well.
Admission will be regular admission fees
In response to a comment on the Wesselman Woods Facebook page, Wesselman Woods confirmed to adhere to social distancing guidelines there will be no breakfast as normal, but for the week of March 2nd-6th you can stop by and purchase maple syrup, as well as enjoy a guided or self-guided tour.
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