When I first heard about the new job opportunities at Wesselman Woods (WW), my first thought was the 1988 Tom Hanks movie Big. Not so much the premise that a kid could magically turn into an adult overnight, but more about how Hank (a kid on the inside) gets hired by a toy company. He ends up doing really well in the job because, despite looking like an adult, he knows what kids want when it comes to toys. Wesselman Woods is kind of taking that same approach with their new Nature Play Directors.

What is a Nature Play Director?

Here is a brief description straight from WesselmanWoods.org - "A Wesselman Woods Nature Play Director (NPD) is an environmental prodigy between the ages of 5 and 12 who contributes their ideas to and votes on the Environmental Education Committee at Wesselman Woods." It makes sense, right? Who better to ask about playing in nature than some kids. I love the idea!

Wesselman Woods Nature Play Directors
Facebook/Wesselman Woods

What Does an NPD Do?

Another fun name they are using for this position is "Ecopreneur." The three kids chosen will join the Wesselman Woods team, working with the Director of Environmental Education to come up with fun new programs and ideas for the Nature Playscape. WW is trying to take into some of the innocent, care-free creativity that kids have, you know, before they become cynical and jaded adults. Ha!

The new NPD's will also receive the following 'hiring' bonuses...

  • An official Wesselman Woods name tag
  • A Wesselman Woods goodie bag
  • A 15% discount on children’s programs and camps
  • Free admission to Wesselman Woods and community events
Wesselman Woods Nature Play Directors
Facebook/Wesselman Woods

It's Not Just Some Silly Promotional Opportunity

Wesselman Woods is all about educating young people, and creating a positive change for generations to come, and the NPD position is no different. Sure, the three young people chosen this year will have fun, but they will do more than just that. WW wants the new Nature Play Directors to...

  • Develop business acumen, communication, and leadership skills
  • Have the chance to express their opinions and creativity
  • Guide the future of Wesselman Woods educational programs
Wesselman Woods Nature Play Directors
Facebook/Wesselman Woods

If you and your kiddo are interested, you need to act now, don't wait. The deadline for applications for the 2022 cycle is June 15. Nature Play Director applications can be picked up at Wesselman Woods or can be downloaded and printed from home.

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