The year was 1977. Bill Clinton took elected office for the first time as Attorney General of Arkansas and Jimmy Carter entered the oval office as US President. It was also the year of Elvis Presley's last concert tour.

It started out well even though the King was overweight and didn't appear healthy, that great Elvis voice was still there. He had just played Riverfront coliseum the night before and although no one was aware of it, he played his last show ever at Indy's Market Square Arena on June 26.

Many of our WKDQ listeners were there and heard Elvis close his last concert with the song " I Can't Help Falling in Love with You." Elvis then flew back to Memphis to rest up before the next leg of his 1977 tour. On August 16 Elvis was preparing for a flight later in the day to Maine to continue his concerts when he passed away.

I'll play Elvis' last performed song this Saturday morning in the 9:00 hour on 99.5's COUNTRY CLASSICS.

Elvis Week In Memphis
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