One website was on a mission to find the weirdest ice cream flavor in each state. Some are pretty out there, some sound pretty good. I'll let you decide if Indiana's weirdest ice cream flavor sounds good or not.

Ice cream is the perfect snack for summertime. Whether it be a soft serve in a cone, a milkshake, parfait, or a sundae, you really can't go wrong with ice cream this time of year. Personally, I am a basic guy when it comes to ice cream. Just give me vanilla or birthday cake flavor and I am happy. Just writing this makes me want a birthday cake batter milkshake. In any event, when it comes to the best flavor of ice cream to order, it's all pretty subjective. We'll leave that discussion for a different time. For the sake of this article, let's talk about weird ice cream flavors.

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Frozen Dessert Supplies recently found the weirdest ice cream flavors in each state. Looking through some of the flavors, most of them include some ingredients that you typically wouldn't associate with ice cream. Luckily, when it comes to Indiana's weirdest ice cream flavor, it's not as weird as some of the other states. In fact, you might even think it sounds pretty good.

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What is the Weirdest Ice Cream Flavor in Indiana?

According to Frozen Dessert Supplies, the weirdest ice cream flavor in the state can be found at Hartzell's Ice Cream in Bloomington. This ice cream flavor is known as “The Garden of Good and Evil” and features locally grown lavender, honey, and vodka distilled at Bloomington’s Cardinal Spirits.

As I said, this "weird" flavor might not be too weird for some. The question I have here is can this ice cream give you a buzz from the vodka? Hartzell's Ice Cream's website didn't say for sure, but reading some of the comments about this ice cream on Facebook, the reviews are quite positive.

You can learn more about Hartzell's Ice Cream by clicking here, and if you are curious as to what the other weird ice cream flavors are across the country, click here.

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