If you have every been stuck in traffic, whether it’s on the Twin Bridges, Smokey Mountains or anywhere, you know it is awful, especially when it lasts a long time. Your definition of "a long time" might be different than mine. Mine is a very short, "long time."

I have no patience. It’s one of the reasons that Disney World is NOT my happy place. The whole "hurry up and wait" gets on my last nerve.

Once, when we were on a trip to West Virginia, we got stuck in traffic on the Interstate in Virginia for 2 1/2 hours. The stretch of highway weaved through the mountains in a very rural area. There had been a wreck east of where we were stopped. It was a nightmare.

My husband, at the time, and I were traveling with two kids, Reghan, 10 and Mason, 6. Oh, and I was 7 months pregnant and it was June. Let’s just say, that I was the one who was flipping out. Not only was I hot, thirsty, and hungry, but I had to potty about every 20 minutes. I finally just had to go in the weeds. Considering my waddling gate and enormous stomach, everyone understood and stayed away from us. Good times.

Trust me, to entertain the kids we were playing music and trying to have a little bit of fun in this stressful moment. If only the ‘Git Up’ line dance and cell phones a taking video would have been a thing 18 years ago. My pregnant self could have gone viral, just like Dylan and Josh.

These two made everyone around them, during their hour and a half wait in a long line of traffic between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, feel much better. Thanks to Kaylee, we can ALL enjoy it.

I’m sorry, because of the music in the video, Facebook would not let me put the video in this article, but you can watch it HERE.

WDKQ also had some fun with Git Up while helping the United Way. Travis and Ryan killed it! LOL For the same reason you couldn’t see the guys dancing on the highway, you can only see their crazy moves HERE.

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