Growing up in the county and playing outside every day, I think I appreciate things in nature more than my own children. They grew up in the city, in condos, apartments and houses. Yes, they played outside, but only in a small backyard space or at the neighborhood park. I had over five acres to play and run around in.

I also didn’t have e a phone in my hand every second of the day. The only distractions were the ones in nature. I stopped to watch and observe the outside world around me. Whether it be Wolly Worms, snakes, birds, bees, rabbits, squirrels, or butterflies, the cycles of life presented itself to us all the time.

The birds and butterflies, to me, were some of the most amazing and fascinating things to observe. We had Bluebird houses all over the yard, so we could see the whole family dynamic and egg maturation take place just by lifting a lid and peeking inside. Butterflies were every where in our yard. My mom had butterfly bushes all over the place. We could watch the Pupa, within a chrysalis, turn into a beautiful and graceful butterfly along the deck railing or any other protected place for metamorphosis.

I came across a Facebook post from back in September that was a daily photographic documentation of the actual metamorphosis of a Monarch butterfly. Like many of us during the pandemic, Carl Keaton Jr, a music promotor. booking agent and president at Integrated Music Solutions, found himself at home a lot more. The forced slow down gave him time to witness this incredible transformation in nature and he shared it’s wonder for the rest of the world to see too.

Watch the Incredible Birth of a Butterfly

Watch this amazing butterfly in flight!

SOURCE: Carl Keaton Jr/Facebook -]

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