Squirrels are a common nuisance for those who keep bird feeders out all year. The wily little creatures are especially good at helping themselves to pretty much anything they want to eat regardless of any obstacle that might stand in their way. I mean, have you ever seen some of the crazy, death-defying acrobatics a squirrel will exhibit just to get a little nibble?!

That is exactly why most people who stock bird feeders are always  looking for ways to keep the squirrels at bay but one veterinary clinic in Massachusetts is warning against the use of one squirrel deterrent in particular because it's actually harmful, and even deadly, to the very birds you may be trying to feed. Spruce Hill Veterinary Clinic shared a photo of a tiny titmouse who found himself in the unfortunate position of being gummed up with a sticky, goo-like squirrel repellant. While the goo may have worked for it's intended purpose of keeping the squirrels away from the bird food, this little guy had to undergo many, many baths to get the super sticky squirrel repellent off of him. The good news once the snow lets up in Massachusetts, this particular little titmouse will be released back into the wild now that he has made a full recovery and is free of any residual sticky from the squirrel repellant. Unfortunately, he is very likely the exception as I'm sure other birds across the country who have come into contact with this type of squirrel deterrent haven't been so lucky to receive veterinary care.

The lesson here is that if you're going to feed the birds, no matter where you live in the United States, you may just end up feeding the squirrels too but whatever you do, don't use sticky goo squirrel repellant.

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